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James Sheridan

30 Years Education and Experience with Technology


James began his career as an electronics technician with the U.S. Navy. Worked on complex computer systems at the defense contractor Sperry Corporation. He established the telecommunications department at S.U.N.Y. Old Westbury College. Also, James has been teaching electronics, computers and networking courses since 1993 to students studying to become certified technicians. His education and experience ensures sound solutions

Logan Cimaglia

Computer Science, Stony Brook University


Logan is the Senior technician at MrTechBench.com and brings years of technical knowledge and experience to help you solve technical challenges. Logan completed his computer training at Stony Brook University where he earned his degree in Computer Science. His experience and approach to difficult issues assures you a sound solution.

Gregory Schwert

CompTIA Certified A+ Technician


Greg is a computer technician at MrTechBench.com and brings his technical training to help you solve technical issues. Greg completed his tech training at Hunter Business School where he earned his dipolma. Greg then went on to earned his A+ certification from the CompTIA organization. His attention to detail and technical background ensures he finds a solution that works for you.

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