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Aaron LaCoff
Professional Technician
Aaron is the newest technician at MrTechBench.com and brings his willingness and cheery smile to help fix your devices. Aaron graduated Hunter Business School with honors. Aaron is studying to take the CompTIA A+ certification.
Roberto Solano
Senior Technician
Robert brings over 10 years of technical knowledge and experience to MrTechBench. He will help you solve tough technical issues. Roberto completed his technical training in Venezuela where he earned his bachelor's degree. His experience and approach to difficult issues assures you that he will discover the right solution.
Dylan Polis
Professional Technician
Dylan is a technician at MrTechBench and brings his education and experience to repair your digital dilemma. Dylan earned his Technical Diploma at Hunter Business School and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Dylan is studying to take the CompTIA A+ certification. Dylan's education, training and experience ensures you can trust his working knowledge.
Sal Ezman
Chief Intelligence Officer.
Sal has been with Mr TechBench since inception. He is a valuable asset to our team. Sal's main focus is identifying new technology and welcome opportunities. His luminosity helps steer Mr TechBench in the right direction and avoid illusions.
Greg Nolan
Certified Technician
Greg completed and passed the CompTIA A+ examination and is currently working towards his Computer Engineering degree. Greg's technical skills are quite impressive and continue to improve with his education and eagerness to learn.
James Sheridan
Store Manager
James has 40+ years experience with technology. He began his technical career in the Military. James' early career and experience include Sperry, Unisys and SUNY College. He's teaches electronics, computers and networking courses at night since 1993. James is committed to helping technicians grow and prosper through education and training.

Mr Tech Bench.com is a growing Technology company. We provide repair services for individuals and business.

For years, we have been providing reliable solutions to customers and business. Our repair services provide clients with solutions to real problems.

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You can trust us with your IT operations because Mr TechBench.com has been certified by recognized organizations in the industry. Click below to view the complete list of certifications.


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The success of your IT company also lies in its strategic alliances and partnerships. Mr Tech Bench.com has relationships with some of the major industry players to provide you a complete technical support team.

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